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Hellrunner – Hell Down South 2017

Hellrunner – Hell Down South 2017 Forward thinking for something fun to brighten the post-Christmas blues for some, an event to kick start the new racing season for a few, and just because they can’t say no to a challenge for one - a group of ten Wight Tri members assembled

Wight Tri AGM and Awards Evening

Members of Wight Tri Club celebrated the 2016 triathlon season at the AGM and Awards Evening at the Albert Cottage in East Cowes. After the formality of the AGM and a fantastic Xmas dinner provided by Albert Cottage, the Chairman, Joe Norman welcomed the presentation of the awards. The first set of

Voting for Annual Presentation

Wight Tri Athlete Achievements for 2016 These are the results for the current triathlon and duathlon season and do not include the winter duathlon series results as this is a separate event. Duathlons are highlighted in RED. (NB.The first position is the position for each triathlete’s specific age group category, with overall

Awards Night Preperations

Wight Tri Awards Dinner and Awards Evening- 26th November 2016 at Albert Cottage.. It’s that time of the year again when the Wight Tri Club honour the achievements of its members. Please click here for more information

Beach Party!

Recently Steve has his birthday BBQ which doubled up as a Wight Tri get together on the beach at Yaverland. Steve anything to add? Write a few word if you likes .....

Beginners Guide – What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon is a race incorporating the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. There are recognised distances, but a triathlon could be of any combination of lengths. The recognised distances are as follows: Super-Sprint: 400m swim - 10km cycle - 2.5km run Sprint: 750m swim - 20km cycle - 5km run Standard


Wight Tri provided regular pool or sea coached swim sessions throughout most of the year. We also organise group cycle rides, have links with the Island's main cycling club and arrange weekend training camps periodically. We have good links with the Island's sporting communities and encourage members to use them to get good