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KIT UPDATE – Order deadline 15th November

KIT UPDATE – Order deadline 15th November.

At the last club meeting it was decided that the order deadline will be the 15th November. This will mean that we can expect a delivery of our new kit in February/March; in plenty of time for next season.

You’ll need to pay for your order very soon after the 15th. Once I have the order I will submit it for an itemised quote then notify each member of the final cost of their kit. We don’t want this process to go beyond November as ideally, we want the order to be underway and in production beginning of December.

We will continue with Carvahlo Custom. There is no club shop unfortunately, so as before, bulk orders will be made. This upcoming drop will likely be big, but subsequent ones will be dealt with as and when and preferably 2-3 drops a year, as long as orders are big enough. Big orders mean that the garments will cost us no more than the listed prices in the links below.

As this is intended to be a big order, the committee discussed the look and feel of the club kit. It was decided to keep to the original as much as possible with some subtle changes to bring it more up to date and fresher, but still look pretty much the same as the current kit so members do not have to buy the new look. Although, as stated, this needs to be a large order to make it viable, cost wise.

I have added a design proof below. I am waiting for a fabric sample of darker blues and reds to bring it closer in line with our logo and reduce any parts of the clothing that have otherwise be slightly ‘revealing’.

Carvahlo have an extensive range in their catalogue here…/CarvalhoCustom-catalogue.pdf .

Pricelist here

and sizing chart here…/docum…/carvalhocustom_sizing.pdf

So, what I need to do now is gather your orders. No money needs to be exchanged yet. We will discuss an order deadline at the committee meeting on the 10th Sept.

Please PLEASE send me your orders via email to or PM me on messenger. If you order on on the facebook page I will miss it! An order proof will be posted before we send it off.

No samples either. We have been using Carvahlo for a number of years so plenty of us can advise each other on sizes and use what we have already for samples.

One thing to mention is that they are keen to produce the shorts, for cycling kit, in their EVO style so please, preferably order those, they aren’t much more. All prices do not include VAT!

I think that covers it for now. Sorry for the big delay. It’s been a difficult process but I have done the best I can and am in fact glad to stay with Carvahlo as they have been the easiest to deal with by far.

Download full size design proof PDF