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Wight Tri order the club kit from a company called Carvalho in Portugal. Carvalho are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of cycling and triathlon clothing.

To get the best pricing, we need to order in large batches so rather than members placing individual orders, the club put a bulk order in on behalf of everyone.

Orders of less than 1500 euros carry a 35% surcharge, unless the order contains at least 10 ‘main’ items (items over 30 euros).

Visit and have a look at what you can order.

Please beware that prices you see don’t include VAT and postage.

The club has got lots of new members so please talk to others to find out what size you need. It’s highly recommended that you try kit on! This is very important because Carvalho kit is made for ‘small’ people.

There are 2 items which need an extra attention:

-female cycling jerseys are on the shorter side around waist so male version of jersey might be more suitable.
-male t’shirts are very big so if you have size M in cycling jersey and tri suit, you need size S in t’shirt.

Joe Norman will be organising the next big order for club and plans to place it at the end of January 2015.
You are free to order on your own but then again you will be paying 35% more on top of added VAT and postage.
Prices and kit options are at the bottom of this page, or you can view the current catalogue here.

To place and order, either fill in the form below and submit or email Joe Norman at putting Wight Tri Kit Order in the subject line.

Please also state whether or not you still want to place the order if the minimum order level IS NOT reached and we do not get the bulk discount.

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