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The Chale Ballbuster Duathlon – 2017

Sunday saw the first in the Wight Tri Duathlon series of races. 12 competitors took part in the Chale Ballbuster, a choice of long and short courses was available with runs of 1.7 miles and 2.75 miles, and a cycle of either 11 or 19 miles. Competitors must choose their courses and nominate a time in which they believe they will complete them in. The winner was Sean Williams who was only 1minute 7 seconds adrift from his nominated time, second was last seasons series winner Nick Kenny with a difference of 2minutes 16 seconds and third was Jason Van Der Helstraete 3 minutes 21 seconds out. Many thanks to the timekeepers and marshals at the event. The next in the Duathlon series takes place at Colwell on the 26th November.

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