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Coached Swim training

After discussion with the Chairman and other officers and taking the feedback from yesterdays post we have come up with a new format for the swim training that should ensure all members who want to improve their triathlon swim times should get a chance to get coaching during the off season. With minimal additional admin, without extra cost and without over crowding the pool.

The season will be broken down into 6 blocks of 6 weeks.

It will be a first come first served list taking a maximum of 32 names each block.

Those who miss out will take the first places next block and the gaps filled by first come first served again. And so on.
Everyone who wants coaching should get in to at least 4, probably 5 or if lucky all 6 of the sessions. It also means less of a lump sum outlay and flexibility if you know you are away, injured or want to start sea swimming early you can opt out and only miss a short block. Everyone who has messaged me already is on the list for Jan as we haven’t reached 32 yet.

Block 1 & 2 – done.
Block 3 – 4th Jan to 8th Feb
Block 4 – 15th Feb to 22nd March
Block 5 – 29th March – 3rd May
Block 6 – 10th May – 14th June.

Cost will be £18 per 6 week block.

We are a triathlon club and these sessions are intended for members wanting to improve the swim part of their race. We have had people join purely to take advantage of our excellent and cheap swim coaching which isn’t fair on members who do take part in triathlons. Please bare this in mind when booking your place.

Contact Joe Norman to put your name into the blocks mentioned above
Here’s the list for the next block starting 4th Jan. Now full. Please transfer payment of £18 to the WT account and put your name and swim in the reference. Any new names from now will go onto the list for Block 4.