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Running Kit and Club Apparel

We now have an online web store for running kit and club wear. So here it is. The new Wight Tri Clubwear online shop.
IDML on Newport industrial estate is the retailer. You can place an order in the shop like any online store using you debit/credit card or PayPal then collect from IDML. Not 100% sure about turnaround time but the samples arrived around a week after placing the order. You’ll get an email to say your items are ready for collection. It seems there are shipping options but its quite expensive. At least you have the choice.
There’s a sizing chart on each item. However Sean has a sample of each garment. Men’s and women’s only in medium which he’ll Keep at his workshop at Gurnard Pines. No lend outs! Can also be brought to events if he goes.
There are Men’s and Women’s Technical running T’s available, Men’s and Women’s running vests and unisex Pullover Hoody’s and Zipped Hoody’s. There is no pic of the zipped hoody in the shop, it’s just a repeat of the pullover; but the choice is there.
This isn’t the outlet for Tri Suits, just running and clubwear, and hopefully we can expand the garment options as we go along.
Just a point to note. NO orders or money transfers are placed through anybody in the club, it’s all through IDML via our online shop through the link below
These are the actual items available:
Mens T’s and Vest
Ladies T’s and vest
Hoody (full zip the same just with a zip.)