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Wight Tri January 2017 Club Meeting

Wight Tri club meeting minutes – 06/01/2017 – 1 Holyrood Street, Newport


Steve Dines, Anne Dines, Pete Carter, Luke Jeffrey, Chris Longson, Adam Younger, John Gardner,

Steve Gratton, Martin Goodall, Kim Goodall, Hafiz Aladin, Mandy Womack, Sue Clerkin, Paul

Charlton-Smith, Liz Dunlop, Sean Williams, Neil Cooper, Jan Fletcher


Joe Norman, Mary Norman


New chairman Steve Dines opened the meeting stating that this year we have a new role in vice-
chairman which is being completed by Sean Williams. It is planned that the chairman will hand

over to the vice -chair at the end of the term, or after 2-3 years but Sean will be taking over from

Steve at the end of one year.

Apart from a change in secretary from Mike Mills to Jan Fletcher the rest of the club roles remain



The minutes of the last meeting were agreed


The treasurer submitted a written report. The cub remains in a healthy position.

There is still some money to be paid to Liz Dunlop for the Island Games


There have been some recent changes which have come into effect already and sessions are now

in blocks of six weeks.

We still have more people wanting to do swim training than we have spaces available.

The club wants to include new members and we need to make changes for those members

coming into the club who need to improve their swimming and it was suggested that we have

interim training in addition to Wednesday night sessions to facilitate this.

A discussion took place re members attending swim training who do not take part in triathlons. It

was felt that if someone is a fully paid up club member they have the right to use the facilities so

cannot be discriminated against. Everyone needs to be accommodated.

It was suggested that the Wednesday night swim sessions could be published on Facebook so that

those who cannot attend can still complete the session in their own time. This would also allow

others to repeat the session if they wanted to.

It was agreed that we need to look into extra swim training sessions.

We have been offered time at Gurnard Pines Cowes Club which Steve Dines will look into.

Liz Dunlop will look into the availability of using The Heights

Martin Goodall will liaise with Val to find out if she has any additional time for another session

Val has said that she is prepared to come to our open water sessions

West Wight Sports Centre (WWSC) want better ties with Wight Tri and there is a possibility of

sessions on Saturdays at West Wight. Chris Longson could coach this. Steve Dines will liaise with


The current booking system for Wednesday swim sessions is not ideal – not everyone who wanted

to book was able to and some did not see it until it was already fully booked. Those who missed

out this time will not miss out on the next round of sessions. Members should take it in turns to sit

out the sessions to make sure everyone gets to attend.


Sean Williams has contacted Kudos but has not received a reply yet.

Sean will meet with Kudos and Liz Dunlop next Friday, 13/01/17, to obtain prices for Wight Tri kit.


2 duathlons have already been completed and there are 4 additional duathlons planned :

East Cowes – 8th January

Chillerton – 12th February

St Helens / Yaverland – 5th March

Colwell – 26th March

Other event dates were discussed and confirmed as follows :


22nd – Ryde Harriers cross country

29th – West Wight duathlon


5th – Ryde 10 mile

12th – Chillerton duathlon

19th – cross country

26th – Arthur Biggs cross country


5th – St Helens / Yaverland duathlon

12th – Spyvelo cyclocross

19th – West Wight duathlon

26th – Colwell duathlon


2nd – Spyvelo cyclocross AND Wight Tri spring Tri


Will be held on 2nd April 2017

Event needs an organiser. Steve Dines will liaise with Joe Norman.

Neil Cooper is happy to be Race Director

Jan Fletcher will speak to Gurnard Pines

The event will follow the same route and format as previously (400m, 20km, 5km) and price will

remain unchanged – £5 for members and £20 for non members which will include membership.


We have already started introducing meals after duathlon events but Steve would like to introduce

the role of social secretary. Steve would like any members interested in this to contact him for more

information. It will not be an official position.


A cycle jumble is planned at Gurnard Pines on Saturday 11th February. Access opens from 1230

and the event is open between 2pm and 4.30pm.

Entry to the event will be free for purchasers.

Tables will cost £2 each for those wishing to sell items. There will be an Island Games table and

Steve requested club members to donate one item to this table.

Steve Dines will find out how much Gurnard Pines are charging for the use of the room.

There will be a raffle for the Island Games Team so any donations will be gratefully received.

Sean Williams will advertise the event on FB


Last year Wight Tri paid a reduced admission fee to the IW Cycling Club giving access to time trial

events. Only a handful of WT members took part. Discussion took part as to whether or not IWCC

would offer the same again this year but it was a felt that this should be done individually and not

as a club entry given the small uptake.

A discussion took place regarding WT paying a fee of £30 per year for the club to CTT, time trial

association which would give members insurance for TT’s and would also cover mainland events.

This would not give WT members access to the reduced fee for the IWCC TT events though.

We could look to put on our own TT events.

Sean Williams will organise submitting this application


Discussion took place regarding whether this should be done individually or as a club.

The club is affiliated. The affiliation runs from April to April annually.

Individual members fee is £14

Members must be affiliated individually if they want to run for Wight Tri rather than as an

unattached runner.

Members should be encouraged to sign up as EA members individually

Payments can be arranged through Anne Dines as treasurer


1) JUNIOR SECTION. This was raised by Chris Longson who is keen to get a junior section up

and running.

Chris is a Triathlon level 2 qualified coach.

There is no additional cost for Wight Tri to tick the junior section in addition to the adult section with

the BTF.

We have a club welfare officer in John Gardner.

Chris can access 2 lanes at West Wight Sports Centre swimming pool

He can also look into the availability at Rew Valley

He could do basic swim / cycle training weekly

Chris will pit this out through FB initially to see what interest there is and then offer it out more

widely if needed

Chris will bring this back to the next meeting for an update

A junior membership of £5 was suggested.


Last year WT took part in Ryde Harriers cross country events and it is planned that we will do so

again this year.

It was decided that any WT member can compete for the Wight Tri trophy which was purchased

last year even if they are a member or another club too. (Last year members of WT were not able

to complete for the WT trophy as they were running for other clubs).


Steve and Anne have a lot of equipment at their address such as buoys which need to be moved

as they take up too much space.

It was discussed that the buoys would be deflated and the club would purchase a pump which

would assist in the buoys being transported due to their size.

Adam Younger offered storage space for the buoys and can probably also offer a pump too. This

offer was accepted

4) TWITTER -Hafiz raised that WT are not on twitter and this would assist us in getting information

out about what we do

Hafiz volunteered to take on the role of the Wight Tri Tweeter which was accepted unanimously


It was decided that all WT trophies would be presented at the WT Awards evening rather than at

individual events.


A discussion took place regarding buying a bike box for the club which could be rented out to club

members when required

It was decided that this would not happen at the moment


A discussion took place about whether or not there had been any contact with or by the BTF

regarding the recent media issues relating to child sex abuse. There are no known

communications with this regard and the club members are not aware of any contact from the BTF

about this.


Luke Jeffrey spoke about the possibility of offering turbo training sessions but it was felt that this

would not be a practical option.


25th February 2017


1 Holyrood Street, Newport